Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022
winter storm
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Weather authorities have issued a winter storm warning for this weekend, with ice accumulation and snow, starting on Friday.

A warning from North Carolina Emergency Management advises that rain on Thursday night will form ice as temperatures drop, causing hazardous driving conditions. After the ice forms, we expect snow to fall, causing even more concern.

A North Carolina Management statement says this:

Winter Storm Watches have been issued for much of central and eastern NC. Significant amounts of snow, sleet, and freezing rain are becoming more likely Friday and Friday night…winter storm watches will likely expand across northeastern NC. Uncertaintry remains in regards to the strength and track of the low pressure system.

NC Emergency Management

The statement also advises that travel conditions will likely become hazardous. The weight of ice and snow could cause falling trees and downed power lines.

This graphic shows the expected snowfall totals for Friday and Saturday:

winter storm
Image: Facebook/publicly shared graphic by National Weather Service

How to Prepare Your Household for a Winter Storm

With power outages likely, take time today to make some basic preparations. Ready NC advises every household should have an emergency kit stocked with the following supplies:

  • Water: One gallon per person per day for up to seven days.
  • Food: Canned, non-perishable foods to last seven days.
  • Can Opener
  • Radio: A battery-operated or hand-crank radio to receive weather updates.
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries: Keep a supply of spares on hand to fit your flashlight, radio, etc.
  • First aid kit with basic supplies
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off the water supply
  • Blankets or a warm sleeping bag
  • Prescriptions or other medications
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cash and change

Take a few moments today to assess your household’s needs. If you have supplies left in a hurricane kit, check the expiration dates and replenish if needed. The time you spend preparing for the winter storm can make a difference after the hazardous arrives.

Of course, NC Emergency Management also advises citizens to stay off the roadways if possible. Staying home allows first responders and helps you stay safe.

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