Fri. May 20th, 2022
water bills
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Some Bertie County residents took to social media to express dismay when they retrieved the current water bill from their mailboxes over the past two weeks.

Here are some actual comments and observations of Bertie County folks across social platforms:

  • “Did anyone else see the water bill and about pass out?”
  • “Have they (apparently referring to the Board of Commissioners) lost their minds over there in Windsor? This is too much!”
  • “My usage is the same as always, so why is this payment got to be so high?”
  • “I’m a need to sell me a kidney to pay this water bill.”

Many other online observations are too colorful to include here.

Bertie News wanted to get some answers, so we called the water department to ask for an explanation about the current state of water billing that’s caused such an uproar.

No, the Bertie County Commissioners did not push through an undisclosed rate hike. And to the best of our knowledge, the Commissioners have not lost their minds.

Regardless, Bertie residents do owe this money for their usage and deserve answers.

Here Is Why Some Bertie Residents Received High Water Bills

According to the Bertie County Water Department, bills in districts one and three had some delays during the early part of January. Residents in other water districts did not experience the same problem, they were business as usual.

The water department chalked this up to the planned New Year’s office closures and observance, followed by an unanticipated round snowy weather that closed their offices in January. This snow day left them behind an additional workday.

Besides the usual holiday and the unexpected snow day, multiple staffers employed by Bertie County were impacted by the recent COVID-19 omicron surge, leaving them unable to read meters on time.

Thus, the monthly cycle for the two impacted districts did not read the meters and generate the bills on the regular date of the month. In other words, you might have received a statement for a long cycle of forty-one days instead of the usual monthly cycle.

Without a doubt, those additional days of usage certainly accumulated quickly for you and caused a higher bill this time around.

The water department apologized for any inconvenience and stated that they were back on track. So next month, you can expect to see your typical bill in your mailbox again.

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