Fri. May 20th, 2022
aulander splash pad
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The Town of Aulander, North Carolina, announced a fun addition to their community on their Facebook page–a splash pad for children to enjoy during the summer season!

The Splash Pad is located near the intersection of Canal Street and Rice Avenue. It sits between the Joseph Acree Gymnasium and the Aulander Fitness Trail.

Workers are making progress. However, the town has not announced a completion date yet.

According to the public comments left on their Facebook page, town residents look forward to enjoying the town’s new water park.

Awesome to see more things for our kids,” commented a Facebook follower, T.C. Erskine.

Alessia Mineo Huckabee chimed in, “That’s so awesome.”

What is a Splash Pad?

aulander splash pad
Under construction–Aulander’s new splash pad

A splash pad is an interactive water feature that allows children to cool off from the summertime heat and enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activity in a safer environment than a swimming pool.

Engineers design these recreational zones with an eye for safety, like rounding corners of features to help avoid severe injuries. They also comb the concrete pad to make it grip little feet more securely.

This water feature drains quickly, eliminating most standing water. This helps municipalities defray the cost of a lifeguard, which a full swimming pool requires.

Most children find the bright colors, interactive nozzles, and fun sprayers delightful and irresistible.

A 2018 publication by the University of Georgia discusses the science behind these interactive waterparks. In it, they explain that this type of facility is also easier for municipalities to maintain than a pool. They also note that some municipalities justify the cost of installing a splash pad to attract new residents who might consider these types of amenities as essential for their families.

Aulander Makes a Splash With This Water Feature and Other Upgrades

The town also warns residents and local motorists that they are also running new sewer lines along Rice Avenue. Thus, motorists in the area may encounter road closures due to these necessary upgrades.

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