Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
roanoke chowan community college
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Roanoke-Chowan Community College opened the door to students at their new Bertie Campus, the Lewiston-Woodville Educational Vitality Center.

In a public-private partnership with the Bertie County Hive House and the town of Lewiston-Woodville, the College and Career Readiness Program site serves as a community resource. They offer career readiness programming, including basic skills, high school equivalency diploma (formerly GED) preparation, and computer classes to prepare local residents for the workforce.

These courses offered by the College and Career Readiness program help grow a more highly skilled local workforce. Perhaps most importantly, they equip adult learners with the skills they need to thrive in a competitive workforce. Creating these opportunities can help Bertie County attract more well-paying employers to the area. In fact, all of these factors combine to create a more robust and resilient community.

Future plans include educational programs for nurse aides, EMS certification courses, and CDL truck driver licensing–all career paths that are in high demand.

Evening computer classes have already started. However, they are also currently accepting new students. To enroll in classes, please call Tishadda Walton or Tenia Stevenson at 252.862.1200 or 252.594.8735.

The Roanoke-Chowan Community College Educational Vitality Center is located next to the post office on Main Street.

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