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Outdoor Activities

outdoor activities
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If you love nature, you are sure to find plenty of outdoor activities to keep you entertained in Bertie County. So whether you are a resident looking for fun new things to do or visiting our area, this page connects you to many of our best resources.

Here are a few of the amenities you can find:

  • Three North Carolina public access boat launches
  • Bertie Beach, a county-owned (and well-maintained) beachfront experience. The location is part of the ongoing Tall Glass of Water (TGOW) project.
  • Opportunities for watersports
  • Golf courses
  • Livermon Park and Mini-zoo

These outdoor activities, along with hunting and fishing, are some of the favorite pastimes we enjoy.

North Carolina Public Boat Launches in Bertie County

Boating and fishing are wildly popular for both residents and visitors alike! We boast three beautiful rivers and Albemarle Sound access So it’s easy to see why people take advantage of these fun outdoor activities in Bertie County.

Roanoke River Boat Launch, Lewiston Woodville, NC

The newest boat launch in Bertie County is the Roanoke River boat access. It provides a smoothly paved surface and is accessible for people who have mobility concerns.

Additionally, it offers a fishing pier for those who prefer to stay on dry land.

The drive to the boating access takes you through forested areas and farmland. You will leave the paved road and come to a fork, finding two gravel roads. Take the right fork, and continue to drive. The boating area is well-marked. Because of the rural location, this launch tends to be a well-kept secret.

  • Handicapped accessible public boating access
  • Fishing pier
  • 17 boat trailer parking spots
  • 6 single car parking spots
  • 1 handicapped accessible trailer parking spot
  • 1 handicapped accessible vehicle parking spot

Address: 838 Weeping Mary Road, Lewiston Woodville, NC

Cashie River Boat Launch, Windsor, North Carolina

The convenient location in Windsor makes this boat launch a favorite for locals looking for convenient access to outdoor activities. Although this boat launch does not feature a fishing pier, Windsor does have fishing access for landlubbers just a short walk or drive away.

The boat launch sits near access to the Windsor Camping Treehouses, so if you are looking for lodging, be sure to check them out!

  • Handicapped accessible public boating access
  • Canoe and kayaking launch access
  • Public restrooms available
  • 25 boat trailer parking spaces
  • 9 single car parking spaces
  • 2 single car handicapped accessible parking spaces
  • 2 handicapped accessible boat trailer parking spaces

Address: 400 Elm Street, Windsor, NC 27983

Sans Souci Boat Launch, Windsor, North Carolina

Further down the river from the town of Windsor, you can find the Sans Souci Boat Launch. Early settlers to the area called this picturesque stretch of waterfront “Sans Souci,” translating from french for “without worries,” or “carefree.”

This public boating access is at a beautiful point in the Cashie River–bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the views!

This boating access does not have a public fishing pier. However, you might spot die-hard anglers wading along the riverbanks and reeling in some big catches!

The boat launch sits near the Sans Souci cable ferry site.

  • Handicapped accessible public boating access
  • 12 boat trailer parking spaces
  • 1 handicapped accessible boat trailer parking space

Address: 2156 Woodard Road, Windsor, NC 27983

outdoor activities - the roanoke river boat launch
The Roanoke River public boat launch.

Bertie Beach

Bertie Beach is a county-owned and maintained public beach sitting near the junction of the Chowan River, Salmon Creek, and Albemarle Sound in the Merry Hill community. You can plug the address 243 Bal Gra Road, Merry Hill, NC into your GPS to find your way to Bertie Beach.

The beach has a nice, sandy shoreline with an incredible 2200 linear feet of shoreline and picturesque tall bluffs. The county purchased the property as part of the “Tall Glass of Water” initiative.

This project is in its earliest stages of development. However, this property already enables those residents who previously could not participate in some outdoor activities due to private ownership and limited access to interact with the natural beauty of the area.

You can learn more about Bertie Beach on Facebook

bertie beach view of eden house bridge
A view of the Eden House Bridge from Bertie Beach.


Don’t have the equipment to bring along? New to watersports? That’s not a problem. You can rent equipment at several points around Bertie County. Think kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards.

Roanoke Cashie River Center

The Roanoke Cashie River Center is part of “Partnership for the Sounds,” aimed at preserving the natural resources that are North Carolina’s fragile estuaries and sounds.

While you can lease watersports rentals here, this place is a hidden gem in Bertie County. In addition to the rental facility, you’ll find a small museum containing artifacts from a nearby archeological dig site and ecosystem displays, a scenic boardwalk along the Cashie River, and a small turtle aquarium.

Last, but not least, the River Center offers free boat tours on River Rambler on Saturday mornings during peak season. They do not charge for the boat ride, but they gratefully accept donations. As a result of limited seating, you must call to reserve a seat on the ride.

Address: 112 West Water Street, Windsor, NC 27983 | Phone: 252.794.2001

Salmon Creek Water Sports and Boat Rentals

Located at Scotch Hall Preserve in Merry Hill, this facility rents kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, and boats. They operate the rentals on a seasonal basis. Paddlers can glide along the serene waters of Albemarle Sound and soak up the sunshine in a serene, pristine natural setting.

Address: 105 Scotch Hall Court, Merry Hill, NC 27957 | Phone: 252.217.0405

Where to Play Golf in Bertie County

If you are more comfortable on the green than on the waves, then why not play a round of golf?

As some residents are surprised to learn, we even have an Arnold Palmer golf course open to the public!

Scotch Hall

Scotch Hall is an Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. According to their website, Mr. Palmer was impressed with the sweeping views of Albemarle Sound from the high bluffs and knew that he could design a very special place. In fact, golf enthusiasts quickly dubbed this course the “Jewel of the Inner Banks” after opening in 2009.

Most Bertie County residents do not realize that this golf course is open for public play. That’s because the Scotch Hall neighborhood is “private,” causing a bit of confusion.

The course is eighteen holes, 72 par. However, a nine-hole option is available for novices or junior golfers at a reduced rate.

Click here for the updated green fees.

Address: 105 Scotch Hall Court, Merry Hill, North Carolina, 27957 | Phone: 252.482.5300

Cashie Golf and Country Club

Don’t let the name fool you–this 9-hole, 36 par golf course is open to the public. They open up services to the community two different ways–publicly or as part of a country club package. So if you want to play only on occasion, or you happen to be visiting, they do welcome you.

Golfers enjoy the Bermuda greens and the tall shady pine trees that offer respite from the sun and also create unique challenges to the sport.

The Cashie Golf and Country Club does not have a website. However, you can find them on Facebook.

Address: 132 Country Club Drive, Windsor, North Carolina, 27983 | Phone: 252.794.4942

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