Fri. May 20th, 2022
hoggard lights display
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The Hoggard lights display will continue for the next generation, albeit in a new, reimagined format.

No. The Hoggard family did not change their minds about retirement. However, the family announced that they have struck a deal to sell their elaborate lights display to the Town of Windsor. They explained in a post on Facebook, this:

‼️‼️Tis the season for Christmas miracles, and we received ours today. The Town of Windsor has graciously offered to take over the lights & we have agreed. The Town will be taking all pieces & relocating them next year. More details will come later! Thank you to the Town of Windsor for keeping the tradition alive! ‼️‼️”

Hoggard Christmas Wonderland of Lights | Facebook post (publicly shared)

Reaction around the community is very positive, with many Bertie County residents expressing gratitude that the reimagined display will be there. The tradition will continue for the next generation.

The Transition of the Hoggard Lights Display From Private Ownership to the Town

Newly-elected Mayor of Windsor, Lewis Hoggard, just began serving his first term as Windsor’s mayor on December 9th, 2021. However, he gave credit for this reimagination of one of Bertie County’s best holiday traditions to the Windsor Town Manager, Allen Castelloe, and the commissioners.

Allen Castelloe and the commissioners spearheaded this endeavour with more news to come about this successful continuation of a great treasure in our community!”

Lewis Hoggard, Windsor Mayor

For the remainder of this year, you can see the Hoggard Lights display at their current location. The details on where the Town of Windsor will place the Hoggard Lights display and other details will emerge in time. But as information becomes available, we will share it with you.

Until the full details emerge, we can rest assured that a community tradition that draws tourists to the area and bonds us together during Christmastime will continue in a new way.

So it turns out that Christmas miracles do exist, after all.

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