Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
facebook outage
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Facebook, Instagram, What’s App, and Facebook Messenger are currently experienced an outage from around 11:40 am (EDT) this morning until 6 pm this evening. Both the desktop and mobile apps felt the impact of the Facebook outage.

Several small business owners reached out to Bertie News and expressed concern, as we are WordPress developers and bloggers. Their concern stems from the fact that Facebook drives online traffic and thus boosts sales of goods and is a primary means of communication. Besides that, some small businesses use What’s App to answer customer inquiries and book appointments.

While we are WordPress pros, we are not technical engineers. But we set out to research and find answers about what caused this outage.

DNS Records May Have Been Down

Facebook is the owner of Instagram, What’s App, and Messenger and they appear to be linked more closely than we realized. In other words, when the first domino fell, it took all of them down at one time.

According to a report by Wired, a leading tech authority, it appears that Facebook’s DNS records disappeared from the internet today. We confirmed that report with a second source, NPR, before sharing it.

When you go to a website, the URL has a unique address, called an IP address. But when you type in the website’s name, the DNS record directs you to the correct location.

Here’s how that looks in easier-to-follow language.

Suppose you write a letter and send it to a relative by snail mail. You write the letter, and you know your relative’s address. But you do not drop it into your mailbox without writing that address down on an envelope for the postal carrier to route it. In other words, your relative’s address is the URL or IP address. But the DNS record is the routing information you’d place on the envelope.

When you type in or or try to open your app, you might see old information that has not been refreshed since this morning, or you may see an error message.

Either way, it’s bad for business.

What Steps Small Businesses Can Take Next to Offset Impacts of the Next Possible Facebook Outage

Note: This statement is based on opinion: I saw the danger of businesses placing all their virtual eggs in the Facebook basket long ago. As a marketing advisor in the publication industry, I often heard, “I use Facebook, and it’s free,” when I called on entrepreneurs.

Free is as free does.

Business owners must diversify their marketing efforts. Build your private email list, mingle with other entrepreneurs, and let your customers sign up for text alerts that are under your control.

Fortunately, the Bertie News team has got you covered.

First, you can enter your business into our free business directory, which we just launched. This page allows Bertie County businesses to network and support each other–even if the big tech giant has a bloop.

Tomorrow, I will create a how-to video to take you through that setup process, one step at a time.

Second, please consider becoming a community partner, helping Bertie News deliver on our vision of allowing full participation in obtaining information, marketing events, and networking with other small businesses like yours. Our team believes that together, we can grow stronger. Please call us at 252.325.9526 or complete the form below to learn more about becoming a community partner.

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