Fri. May 20th, 2022

Telecommute Jobs

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it an enormous shift in how we live, socialize, and educate our children. While we may lament being shut-in, it gave many people time to reflect. Plus, it opened up new doors–including the opportunity for many to telecommute for the first time.

People realized that a whole world awaited them outside the traditional workplace.

Work from home jobs moved from a fringe idea to the mainstream. The great news is this–many companies now see that remote employees are just as productive as those who work in the office.

So companies who can employ remote workforces now embrace the idea. And why not? They save on the cost of supplies and furnishings, utility bills, extra office space, and everything else it takes to equip an employee to do a great job.

Many employees also love this idea. There is no commute time, no wasting money on gasoline, and you can eat lunch at home to build healthier habits and enjoy a better work-life balance.

This shift to working from the comfort of home is excellent news for rural people, especially as Roanoke Connect and other service providers continue to expand broadband access for our residents.

Here’s what might be the best thing about it: you can work for a top company without moving away from Bertie County. Relatively few large employers here? No worry! As more and more households gain broadband access, these opportunities will open up to more local citizens.

Here is a list of excellent companies offering competitive pay (some with outstanding benefits), hiring a remote workforce.

Jobs range from employers who hire entry-level inbound customer service reps to United States federal government careers to high-tech industries to tech support jobs.

Why move to a city for your dream job when you can do it from the comfort of home sweet home?

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Tips on How to Look for Telecommute Jobs

It might take a little digging to find telecommuting jobs, but they are out there in higher numbers than you can imagine.

  • Each website on the list below will have a slightly different layout. Some are very large companies–or job search engines–that list thousands of jobs and locations. Narrow the search by keying in “work from home,” or “telecommute” as your keyword.
  • Some of the listed companies are global. So you might need to filter the list, limiting yourself to USA based jobs.
  • On corporate or government websites, find the “careers” or “jobs” page–usually by scrolling to the footer of the page. Click on it and search away!
  • Before you apply, review the technical requirements. Some employers might ask you to do a free speed test of your computer to ensure you can receive and send data quickly, especially customer service and inbound sales jobs.
  • Most companies require you to provide your laptop, a noise-canceling headset, etc. However, others provide the equipment. A few even offer a hybrid option–they “sell” you the equipment and you repay it out of payroll deductions. It’s yours to keep if you part ways.
  • Be prepared to treat telecommuting with the same professionalism you would a physical workplace. Each workplace has a set of guidelines for employees.

Work From Home and Telecommute Job Resource List

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