Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
electric vehicle
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Roanoke Electric Co-op members who considered the purchase of an electric vehicle in the past might have hesitated for one reason–how to charge an EV affordably. Roanoke Electric Co-op now has a program to help consumers invest in an EV but keep their costs low.

Yesterday, the Co-op announced a new electric vehicle rate package. It allows member-owners to choose their rate based on their driving habits.

The original Electric Vehicle rate offered a flat fee of $50 per month for up to 450 kWh or 50 miles of daily driving. However, they realized that not all member-owners need that service level.

We recognize that our member-owners have different driving needs, And we’re always thinking of ways to give them options and services that best fit their individual needs.”

Marshall Cherry, Roanoke Electric Cooperative President and CEO

As a result of this service assessment, REC will now allow member-owners to choose from these additional two options. They are designed for people who drive fewer miles.

The two new electric vehicle price structures are as follows:

  • $31 for up to 275 KWH per month, or up to 25 miles of daily driving.
  • $39 for up to 350 KWH per month, or as much as 35 driving miles per day.

Whether new EV owners select the original 450 KWH program or one of the new smaller packages, member-owners will receive the following benefits from REC:

  • A charging station, valued at $1,700
  • Free installation of your electric vehicle charging equipment
  • $1000 incentive for your EV purchase

So if you hesitated to buy an EV due to not knowing how (or where) to charge it, help is here. Roanoke Electric Co-op offers three pricing plans, charging equipment and installation at your home. You can reach REC at 252.209.2236 for more information about powering electric vehicles.

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