Thu. Jun 23rd, 2022
covid-19 test sites
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Vidant Health issued a reminder to residents across Eastern North Carolina that COVID-19 test sites are available. The emergency department at the hospital should be reserved for emergencies, not testing, says the Vidant team.

In a recent Facebook post, Vidant Health stated the following:

Emergency Departments are for emergencies only.

Vidant Health has 14 testing locations across eastern North Carola to help you get tested for COVID-19. If you need a test, please visit to find a Vidant testing location near you. Due to significant demand for COVID testing, please expect delays.

Other testing locations are available through the Centers for Disease Control website.

Vidant Health Public Facebook Post, January 3, 2022

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, ED staff still must treat patients who have life-threatening injuries, heart attacks, or strokes, as well as severe cases of COVID or other diseases.

Because of the nature of the services they provide in the emergency department, you will often receive quicker assistance at a drive-up test site. Additionally, you stay in your car, social distancing to help keep yourself and health care workers safer.

Where Are Vidant Health’s COVID-19 Test Sites?

We located a chart on Vidant’s COVID-19 resource pages, providing you with all the rural test sites across the Vidant footprint (outside of Greenville).

Vidant Health requests that residents use COVID-19 test sites for diagnosis and keep the emergency departments open for emergencies.
Screenshot captured via Vidant’s public website.

According to NC DHHS, Vidant Bertie Hospital offers free drive-up testing at their location at 1403 S. King Street, Windsor, from 8:30 am until noon and 12:30 pm until 4 pm, weekdays.

Besides the Vidant locations, you can contact the Bertie County Department of Public Health for guidance on testing. You can call them at 252.794.5322 for up-to-the-day guidance.

Beating COVID-19 means we must each play a vital role. Besides social distancing, handwashing, and other common-sense measures, we must also make wise use of emergency department resources within our community. The ED staffers, including doctors, nurses, administration, and maintenance staff, have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic. In fact, they still have a long road ahead of them.

So if reporting to a test site is the safest and most convenient option to beat this thing, let’s do it.

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