Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
colon cancer
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Amber White, a social worker from Askewville, has made a career of helping other people find the help they need, but now she’s in the fight of her life. White has colon cancer. Her friends and family are helping to ease the financial strain of this diagnosis by holding a fundraiser on Friday, November 12th, 2021.

In August 2021, a doctor shared some devastating news to White, diagnosing her with colon cancer. On October 11th, White underwent surgery to remove approximately eighteen inches of her colon and some of the tissue surrounding the mass.

Ten days later, the pathology reports revealed that the cancer is in stage three and had spread to her lymph nodes. White would need to begin chemotherapy, an intravenous chemical cocktail that destroys cancer cells.

On November 8th, the oncologist surgically implanted a chemo port so she could begin receiving treatments.

A Fundraiser to Help Offset the Cost of Fighting Colon Cancer

While having colon cancer is a health burden, many people worry almost as much about the financial strain of fighting this disease.

Although White does have a job, she has limited leave and sick time available. She will likely be out of work for several months during this fight against colon cancer. Her paid leave will not cover the duration of the time off that she needs.

Additionally, she is traveling back and forth to receive treatment at the Vidant Oncology Center, with gas prices rising week after week.

Her family and friends wanted to do something to show their love and support, and they came up with a BBQ Chicken Plate fundraiser. Twenty of White’s supporters will cook, and many community members plan to donate desserts for a bake sale to accompany the plates. Besides the chicken, these tasty plates will include potatoes and string beans.

colon cancer
Photo credit: Facebook; used with the express written consent of Amber White

NOTE: Fundraiser location updated–will take place at Bill Clough Ford due to weather

White is a fighter who has helped so many others find the resources they need for a better life. Her friends and family have faith that the community will come out and show her the love she needs during this fight against colon cancer.

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