Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
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Reskill Americans will soon start their next cohort of tuition-free seven-month long coding classes for minorities typically underrepresented by the tech industry.

The Co-Founder of Reskill Americans, a non-profit organization, said this in a press statement:

We want to live in a world where the minority representation in the tech sector mirrors its representation in the US population. To address this, we’ve created a software training model that scales up access to thousands of underrepresented racial minorities to help them build a career in this growth industry.”

Femi Akinde, Co-Founder of Reskill Americans

Why Do These Coding Classes Matter?

According to a recent report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech jobs will grow by thirteen percent between 2020 and 2030. This rapid growth outpaces almost all other employment sectors. Furthermore, the annual median wage in tech is $91,250, well above the national average pay of $41,950.

People who fill these tech jobs will enjoy a better quality of life. In fact, this program is an opportunity to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Of course, a lack of internet access may hold back some people in Bertie County. However, if you have internet service and want to join the next cohort, you’ll unlock an abundance of new opportunities.

Reskill Americans is a nonprofit that provides tuition-free software development training, mentorship and community to historically underrepresented racial minorities across the U.S. We eliminate traditional barriers to access so that aspiring tech professionals with no prior experience can enroll in our rigorous, instructor–led online program. Participants who complete our seven-month program will be set on a path for a career in technology, equipped with internship experience, interview skills and a portfolio of work to show future employers.”

Reskill Americans – Mission Statement

What Career Tracks Can Students Choose?

Because so many tech jobs are in high demand, participants in the Reskill Americans program can choose from four career tracks:

  • Front-end Development: Participants work on the customer-facing, or front-end, of a website or application.
  • Back-end Development: Participants learn the “heart and soul” or functionality that happen behind the scenes of a website.
  • UX Design: UX, or user experience, relates to how easily site users can navigate a website. The participants gain proficiency in making websites more user-friendly for visitors.
  • Mobile Development: Mobile apps are on the rise as more people shift to smartphones or tablets for their primary device. Participants will learn all aspects of creating impactful mobile apps.

The Seven Month Program of Coding Classes Follows a Schedule That Puts Students in Real-Life Situations

So are you interested now in learning more details about how the program works?

Each seven-month program allows you to work on your schedule. This flexibility empowers working and single parents to participate whenever it best suits their needs. But the one requirement–you must meet weekly deadlines and assignments on time.

Phase One:

For the first two months, students learn basic software development skills. In addition, you’ll discover which of the four tracks (mentioned above) best suits you.

Phase Two:

During phase two, you will work on a real-world project within your career track. Your knowledge will grow as you apply all those basic skills to an actual website or app.

Phase Three:

In phase three, you’ll continue to expand your skills in a real-time virtual internship. In addition, you will receive training on interview skills to help land one of those coveted tech jobs.

Who Can Enroll in These Free Coding Classes?

The Reskill Americans tech training program requires you to have the following:

  • A laptop with internet access
  • Passion for learning new skills
  • Drive and determination to succeed
  • Legally eligible to work in the United States

Because the program is free, they do not run a credit check. Nor do they require job or coding experience.

Minority groups historically underrepresented in the USA’s tech industry may apply, tuition-free, including the following:

  • Black
  • Hispanic
  • Pacific Islander
  • Native American
  • Alaskan Native

To join the next cohort of coding classes, starting in late 2021, you can click this link. It will take you to the enrollment page.

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