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clothing and supply drive
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The Bertie County Schools plans to host a new clothing, and school supply drive on Friday, December 3, 2021, at the former Bertie High School site from 8:30 am until 12 pm. The drop-off address is 715 US Highway 13, Windsor, North Carolina, 27983.

Local children need your help. Undoubtedly, they would appreciate your generosity. Unlike when you send donations to large, national non-profits, these donated goods will stay directly in Bertie County and go to our local students.

These goods will not go into “shoeboxes” and off to megachurches to distribute. Nor will they pad the big salary or year-end bonus of a non-profit executive. Instead, your donations will literally clothe and supply the little ones in our neighborhoods.

Why This Local Clothing and Supply Drive Matters

Bertie County is a Tier One county. That designation means that the North Carolina Department of Commerce considers the area among the “economically-distressed” counties within the state.

The state determines these ratings (from Tier One to Three) on these factors:

  • The average rate of unemployment
  • Percentage of population growth
  • Median household income
  • Per capita property tax base.

But you probably don’t need bureaucrats in Raleigh to tell you that we are less prosperous than many other counties. This economic need is apparent in most communities around Bertie County.

That poverty is why all children enrolled in the public school system receive free breakfast and lunch.

All you need to do is look around.

For example…

This observation is personal, as it happened to me just a few days ago.

Last week, I shopped at our local Food Lion. A typical day, nothing unusual. But then I had an encounter that nearly shattered my heart.

While pausing and deciding on a purchase, a young girl of around seven years old stood nearby. She lowered her mask, blew into her hands as if to warm them, and began to rub her feet and ankles. Despite the cool morning, she wore flip-flops with no socks.

The child caught me glancing over at her as she warmed herself.

She looked at me and said (just as her mother rounded the corner), “My mama had to give my little brother my socks.” The baby boy in the buggy had on socks that bagged around his tiny feet but no shoes.

I quickly and silently counted my blessings as the realization hit me. This Mama had shoes for one child and one pair of socks for another. She looked embarrassed by what her daughter had just unwittingly revealed to me.

But the lady straightened her back, reminded her child not to speak to strangers, and gave me a tired smile as she strolled past me.

Had we been in a store offering clothing, I would have insisted on buying socks and shoes to help these little ones. Belatedly, I remembered the dollar store next door.

I prayed for this family, and now I plan to donate generously to this clothing and supply drive. What a wake-up call.

Items Requested by the Bertie County Schools

This supply drive will help fill the most urgent needs of local school children in Bertie County. School administrators ask for new items only.

The schools request the following donations, according to a recent post on Facebook:

  • New clothing
  • New coats, gloves, mittens, or hats
  • School supplies (it is almost halfway through the school year, these necessities begin to run thin)
  • Bookbags or backpacks
  • New shoes and boots

These few items cover a few basic needs. The children in our community deserve these things. In fact, your gift might be their one chance for a warm coat this winter. So please consider opening your heart and dropping off much-needed supplies at this new clothing and supply drive on Friday.

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