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Promote your small, local business inside Bertie County. This directory is free for Bertie County small business owners. Your service or business MUST be located in Bertie County or service Bertie County directly. We manually verify each business prior to acceptance to reduce spammy submissions. Let’s shop locally and help grow a more robust economy for all stakeholders in the county.

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Bertie Alumni Community Association (BACA)
Bertie Alumni Community Association (BACA)
The mission of the Bertie Alumni Community Association (BACA) is to provide to youth that is at-risk and has hardship in the Bertie County community. BACA will offer programs and activities, educational services and support, and mentorship to empower and uplift the youths and their families in the community. BACA will continue to be a premier non-profit charitable organization to provide various services for shaping the present and future generations in Bertie County. BACA will continue doing business, fund-raisers, events, community days as BACA Educational and Community Outreach.
Bertie News
Bertie News
Bertie News is Bertie County's fully-digital news source. Our motto is: "Connecting Our County."  We strive to bring the best local stories that strengthen our shared community so that all can prosper.
Simply Scrumptious 252
Simply Scrumptious 252
Simply Scrumptious 252, a bakery located in Colerain, North Carolina, offers bespoke cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and dipped treats.  Pastry chef and owner Rhonda Cooper puts love and care into every custom order she bakes for her clients.

We reserve the right to refuse to include any businesses outside of Bertie County or nearby communities, illegal activities, or hateful content.

When you submit business information to the directory, you are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your submission.

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