Fri. May 20th, 2022
busch gardens preschool pass
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Busch Gardens has announced a special online-only offer to help parents enjoy their parks–the Busch Gardens Preschool pass program.

The free preschool pass provides access to both the Williamsburg theme park and Water Country USA from now until October 31, 2022.

Eligible children must be between the ages of three to five on the date you register them for the program. If they turn six during the season, they remain eligible–as long as they were five on the registration date. More than one child? No problem. This offer applies to households with multiple children, as long as they fall within the preschool age range.

No Virginia residency requirements apply, making North Carolina families eligible for the free admission program.

The two-park preschool pass is unlimited, allowing families to take their children several times. Parents and older siblings must purchase admission tickets and parking. This program does not cover their fees.

You must register for the free preschool pass and visit the park to activate it by May 31st, 2022.

How to Register for a Busch Gardens Preschool Pass

Screenshot via Busch Gardens public website.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this online special offer:

  1. Visit the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Preschool Pass page. Add the pass(es) to your cart and complete the registration.
  2. Receive an e-Ticket via email only.
  3. Make your first visit to the park by May 31, 2022 and enter at Zone D to present the ticket.
  4. Upon entry, you may proceed to Zone B to make a wallet-sized preschool pass to use on future visits.

The park’s website also notes that the Busch Gardens Preschool Pass offer applies only to Williamsburg parks. So they advise that parents planning a trip to the Florida venues should check directly on the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Sea World website to see if they have similar deals.

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