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Bertie County

Bertie County Board of Commissioners Courthouse
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Bertie County is an agricultural county located in Eastern North Carolina. Family farms and scenic rivers dot the terrain, and the county encompasses 741 square miles. This page shares essential Bertie County information in one convenient location.

Albemarle Sound and the Chowan River borders the county to the east; the Cashie River bisects the county; the Roanoke River makes up the southern border. Residents treasure these natural resources and early settlers traditionally relied on them for agricultural irrigation and transportation.

The most significant metropolitan areas where residents visit for “big shopping trips” include Greenville, NC; Norfolk, VA; and Raleigh, NC.

Windsor, North Carolina, serves as the Bertie County seat. Located there are the courthouse, county recorder’s office, county manager, social services, school board offices, and the board of elections. So you’ll likely head to Windsor for court hearings, drop off your voter registration (which you can click, download and complete at home before you go), attend county commissioner’s meetings, conduct other official business.

Bertie County Courthouse
Bertie County Courthouse, the heart of the county complex.

Bertie County: The Communities

Besides Windsor, other municipalities in the county include the following communities:

  • Askewville
  • Aulander
  • Colerain
  • Kelford
  • Lewiston-Woodville
  • Powellsville
  • Roxobel

Additionally, many townships, unincorporated communities (often just tiny crossroads) dot the landscape across Bertie County. Here is a list of those smallest communities:

  • Baker Town
  • Colerain
  • Elm Grove
  • Francis Mill
  • Green’s Cross
  • Hexlena
  • Indian Woods
  • Merry Hill
  • Mitchells
  • Perrytown
  • Pine Ridge
  • Quitsna
  • Republican
  • Rhodes
  • Rosemead
  • Sans Souci
  • Snakebite
  • Spring Branch
  • Todd’s Cross
  • Trap
  • White’s Cross
  • Whites
  • Woodard
  • Woodville

Bertie County Zip Code Information

  • 27805 Aulander, NC
  • 27847 Kelford, NC
  • 27849 Lewiston Woodville, NC
  • 27872 Roxobel, NC
  • 27910 Ahoskie, NC (section adjacent to Hertford County)
  • 27924 Colerain, NC
  • 27942 Harrellsville, NC (adjacent to Hertford County)
  • 27957 Merry Hill, NC
  • 27967 Powellsville, NC
  • 27983 Windsor, NC
The Cashie River, Bertie County, NC
A shady gazebo provides some welcome shade along the Cashie River in Windsor, North Carolina.

A Distinctly Rural Challenge: Bring on the Broadband

The secluded location of Bertie County (no current interstate access) means that it often feels like time stands still. This lack includes a spotty rollout of broadband and internet connectivity.

This lack of broadband continues to be a challenge for many reasons. First and foremost, most internet providers are uninterested in investing in infrastructure due to the lack of density in a low-population county. Furthermore, companies looking to relocate to North Carolina sometimes pass us by because other communities better meet their connectivity needs.

Our elected county and state officials continue to press for connectivity, and we must continue to make our voices heard until all Bertie residents have this same opportunity. 

As the move to remote learning and telecommuting took hold due to the coronavirus in 2020, this need became more apparent than ever.

Bertie County Information: Crops and Agriculture

bertie county agriculture cotton
This sweet-smelling cotton flower will transform into a fluffy cotton boll within a few weeks. Photo taken in western Bertie County.

The fertile land, and its several rivers, provides an ideal growing environment for several vital crops in Bertie County:

  • Cotton
  • Tobacco
  • Peanuts
  • Soybeans
  • Corn
  • Timber/forestry
  • Poultry production
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