Fri. May 20th, 2022
atlantic coast football alliance
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The Carolina Falcon football team has found a league–the Atlantic Coast Football Alliance. They begin to play during spring league in 2022.

Things are moving forward with the Falcons, who are based in Windsor. They held one tryout session on Saturday, November 6th, and plan to have an additional tryout on Sunday, December 5th. The tryout location is the recreational park in Windsor at 2 pm.

The Atlantic Coast Football Alliance (ACFA) welcomes teams from any size community, even rural locations. Some leagues have population density requirements. However, the ACFA supports “Towns that are not near major cities, big or small, but there is a pride to compete with other bigger locals.”

About the Atlantic Coast Football Alliance

Six business partners who grew frustrated with their current leagues, all of which limited team growth, joined together in 2008 to form the ACFA league. Instead of accepting the status quo, they solved their problems by creating a new system that aligned with their philosophies.

The league started in the spring of 2009 with teams from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. By the fall of 2010, they added fall teams and became a year-round league. They continued to expand. Today, they also have teams in Virginia, New York, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Delaware, and North Carolina.

The league forms clusters of four or more teams within each geographic area to help participating teams cut down on travel expenses, build relationships, and enjoy friendly networking. This desire to treat every team fairly empowers even those interested in forming teams to offer the sport in even the most rural communities.

Like Windsor.

Photo: Facebook – Carolina Falcons. Shared with express consent.

How You Can Support the Carolina Falcons

Former Bertie High School and Shaw University defensive end Nagei Lee, a Lewiston-Woodville native, returned to his home county and noticed how young adults have very few recreational options. Besides that, he saw that young people find themselves in trouble without positive role models within the community.

He believes that football could provide the structure and outlet for many of these young adults. So he turned to his former Bertie High teammates and friends for support. As a result, Torrence Mourning, Charles harden, Willie Smallwood, and Cam White joined Lee on this mission and became Carolina Falcon team co-owners.

The owners are making investments in this community-based venture, including doing their own recruiting and coaching, marketing, and funding.

Do you want to support this vision of shaping positive outcomes in Bertie County through football? Here are some ways you can help:

  • Contribute a few dollars to the team’s GoFundMe campaign. Every dollar helps.
  • Share information about the next tryouts–tell the most talented players you know about them.
  • Like and share their Facebook page to help spread the word about this effort.

Indeed, joining the Atlantic Coast Football Alliance is just one more step towards bringing semi-pro football to Windsor.

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