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about bertie news
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Bertie News is a fully digital newsletter serving Bertie County, North Carolina—the first of its kind!

Our digital format sets us apart from other local news sources. This delivery method empowers us to bring newsworthy information to our site affordably. As a result, our readers never pay even one penny to find accurate, unbiased, local information.

We want to do more than merely provide regular updates. Indeed, we strive to serve as an information portal for all Bertie County residents. We believe that information is the key to engaging citizens and connecting our county.

Bertie News Mission Statement:

Bertie News is a purpose-driven newsletter with the goal of connecting Bertie County residents to unbiased information and resources to build a more robust community for all.

about bertie news
A lazy afternoon on the Cashie River bank in Bertie County.

About Our United States Press Association Membership

Our founder is a United States Press Association member, holding both domestic and international press accreditation. 

So why does that matter?

USPA members are professional journalists who pledge to follow a strict Code of Ethics that includes the following member conduct:

  • Gathering and presenting facts in an unbiased manner. “Opinion” pieces must clearly be labeled as such to avoid misleading readers.
  • Strive to provide news from a neutral standpoint, regardless of personal opinions or views.
  • Examine their own values and avoid imposing those values or beliefs on others.
  • Avoid the practice stereotyping by gender, religion, race, age, disability, nation of origin, sexual orientation, or other factors.
  • Support freedom of speech, even unpopular views and opinions that they may find personally repugnant.
  • Give a voice to the voiceless.
  • Never distort truth or facts.
  • Treat sources fairly, question their motives, and respect privacy. Share source information when possible.
  • Provide context for photos, videos, or news stories.
  • Minimize harm by treating all sources as human beings who deserve the utmost respect.
  • Sensitivity when capturing images or sharing photos
  • Protecting minors or children when reporting information. Respect the privacy of minors and other vulnerable individuals.

About Bertie News: Funding Sources

Bertie News is a privately owned and operated publication. Our funding comes from crowdfunding via patrons and direct and indirect advertising sources like Google. Because of the generosity of our partners, we do not charge our subscribers to access the many resources on this website.

Mailing Address and Contact Information:

Bertie News, PO Box 933, Aulander, NC 27805 | Phone: 252.325.9526 | email: hello (@) bertie . news

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